The Fisherman's Hut - our tour guide's office

The Fisherman’s Hut is our tour guide’s office. It also contains a small display of lighthouse and passage-related items, and gifts for sale.

It sports a set of modern signal flags. These can be used by visitors to spell out short messages. Budding Nelsons can try their hand at commanding a fleet, or spelling their name as the backdrop to a souvenir snap.

Exhibition Space

We also have a fine model of one of the latter-day ferries

as well as posters telling the tale of the ferries, the history of the Lighthouse Stevensons, and the operation of the Argand lamp.

One of the items for sale is a replica of the Book of Regulations from 1843. book of regulations This pocket-size handbook includes a table of freight charges, porters regulations, sailing times, and a list of the signal flags that were flown from the ferries to hail specific types of carriage for onward transport.

Passengers and freight would arrive at the ferry in vehicles ranging from horse and cart for heavy goods to a “chaise and pair” light carriage for toffs! They would leave these hired vehicles and horses behind and pick up a fresh set of horses and a new carriage on the opposite shore. The ferry crew would hoist a set of flags to indicate what was required and the ostlers and carriage hands would get everything ready for a speedy onward journey.

Entrance to the exhibition is free - see our Opening Times page for more details.

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