Lighting the lamp

Climb the 24 stairs up to the lamp with the Duty Superintendent of Passage, as was last done over 100 years ago, to discover how the light-keeper kept the lamp burning and how the unique signalling system worked. Hear about the Queensferry Passage and how the lamp kept passengers, livestock, cargo and the Royal Mail moving safely across  the River Forth.

The Lamp

After a short introductory course on lighthouse procedures and optics you can light the lamp and bring it to "Standard Flame Height", complying with all safety requirements.

You then qualify for a Certificate of Competence which states that you are thereby an "Honorary Keeper of the Harbour Light Tower at North Queensferry, in the Kingdom of Fife", signed by the Duty Superintendent of Passage.

The Lamp

NB: Given the nature of access and steepness of the internal stairs, this is not suitable for people with walking difficulties as only one visitor at any time can be accommodated in the light tower.

Children under 6 years old can be admitted to the Light Tower
or light the Lamp only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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