Opening hours

The Light Tower will be open every day from 10:00am to 4:30pm - weather permitting.

We have added several posters to the inside of the light-tower, so you can drop-in for a self-guided tour whenever the tower is open.

If you are making a special visit and want to light the lamp, please telephone our manager, who lives locally, on 07852 437384 to confirm arrangements.

Visitors have come from far and wide,

43 countries in total from May 2010 to Feb 2017 . . .

Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands Belgium, Egypt, Canada by Provence: [Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario] France, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Malaysia, India, Japan, Myanmar, Wales, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Croatia, Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, England, Norway, Australia by states: [New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Canberra], Northern Ireland, Ukraine, USA by state: [Maine, New York, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Washington State, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Oregon, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan,] Turkey

. . . and they loved the experience.

Comments from our visitor book

Thank you – How nice - a wonderful bit of history
Delightful - fascinating and well done
Wonderful monument to the remarkable work of the lighthouse Stevenson’s-Thank you
Nice Job
Excellent job
Nice to see it in working order
Outstanding - thanks for the tour
Spectacular – worth visiting
So cute
Very special wee place
One more to my collection-thanks a lot
We came, We saw, We saw the light, We lit it. Brisbane Aus
Interesting and Fun
A lovely surprise
Wonderful experience
What a view
A great piece of history
A National Treasure
Great Exhibition and information. Great Work
‘Great wee place to have a snog’!!
This was my birthday treat planned by my wife. It was fantastic!! London
Wow Wow Wow

A Winner!

Fife Council are celebrating the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology all through 2017.

Every month they are featuring a location or event in the Kingdom with great prizes up for grabs including a hot air balloon flight, accommodation at top hotels, fine dining and gift boxes full of lovely things.

They have some great monthly and spot prizes too including limited edition prints and calendars, t-shirts and more.

They have already given away some unique prizes and this week one of their winners Molly and her mum Catherine visited the Light Tower at North Queensferry where they had a personal tour and had a chance to light the lamp and receive a Certificate of Competence as an Honorary Keeper of the Light!

Molly and her mum

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